Henson 7000


The Henson 7000 is a new device that offers total screening simplicity. It is a dedicated screener, portable and easy to use. It has everything you need but nothing you don’t. Making it extremely practical and affordable.


Kratek opis

DTopcon SL-D301 je klasična in varčna špranjska svetilka, ki je bila oblikovana posebej za optometrijske klinike. SL-D301 je stereoskopski konvergirani biomikroskop z odlično Galilejevo optiko, ki omogoča oster in jasen pogled.

Glavne lastnosti

  • Screening enables early detection and proactive care management
  • Clinically advanced
  • Speed: Single stimulus 2-3 minutes. Multiple 30 seconds
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Far smaller footprint than anything else on the market
  • Ideal for clinics, hospitals and domiciliary visits
  • Technology is clinically proven
  • Fully automated testing strategies provide speed, specificity and sensitivity
  • Flexibility: fast single and multiple stimulus suprathreshold program
  • Connectivity: links to Windows via USB
  • CE/FDA