The CA-800, Topcon's corneal analyzer, enhances the diagnosis for dry eye patients with the new Tear Film analysis. 

The CA-800 is a placido-based topography system that delivers accurate, high resolution images of the anterior corneal surface. The latest features of the CA-800 includes an enhanced meibography observation and a comprehensive analysis of the Tear Film by using the Blink Detection and Tear Breakup Time measuring modes.

Blink Detection

The Blink Detection automatically detects blinks and calculates the average blinks per minute and blinks interval. The analysis of the Blink Detection includes the average Inter-Blink Interval (IBI average) that is used to calculate the Ocular Protection Index (OPI), the IBI standard deviation, the total duration of the time range analysed and the average number of blinks per minute.

Tear Breakup Time



The Tear Breakup Time (TBT) records the patients tear film condition while they hold their blink and calculates the time of first breakup and average time for breakup of the Tear Film. This new feature allows video playback with a coloured overlay to show the quality of the corneal surface. The sectors will be color-coded from green to red according to the scale on the left side of the image, showing the breakup overtime of the Tear Film.

Enhanced meibography observation

With the infra-red illumination of the CA-800, the Meibomian Glands of the upper and lower eyelid can be captured and analysed. Now two types of adjustable Contrast Enhancement are displayed directly below the image to enhance the Meibomian Gland viewing. The Soft Contrast Enhancement is a more subtle contrast adjustment and makes the dark areas of the image darker, while the Hard Contrast Enhancement is a more dynamic contrast adjustment that brings more detail to the image for improved observation capability.


With the combination of an optical biometer and full corneal topographer, Topcon pioneered the concept of “the complete picture” in IOL power calculation. Now the complete picture has been enhanced with the addition of the Barrett Universal formula to improve your premium IOL choice decision.

The Universal II formula developed by Dr Barrett, is a method of predicting IOL power based on Gaussian optics and utilizes this information to calculate the effect of the cylinder power at the cornea. The ALADDIN’s Barrett Formula Suite includes the Barrett Rx, the Barrett Toric Calculator Formula, the Barrett True K and the Barrett Universal II formulae.

The Barrett formula uses several variables (keratometry, axial length, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness and horizontal white-to-white measurement) to obtain accurate calculation of IOL power.

With the incorporation of the latest in IOL calculation formulae, the ALADDIN remains at the forefront of IOL calculation technology.

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Registration for the 2nd International Swept Source OCT & Angiography Conference OPENS SOON

On 19th of July, the registration for the 2nd International Swept Source OCT & and Angiography (ISSOCT) conference in Paris, will open.

The conference will be held on 16th & 17th of February 2018

Leading ophthalmologists consider new clinical findings made possible with Swept Source Imaging and the implications for the management of patients.

Scientific Program Committee:
-Richard Spaide, USA
-Eric Souied, France
-Ramin Tadayoni, France

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